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AC Cleaning UAE specializes in air duct cleaning and sanitation treatments across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. We offer an AC Cleaning service that we are proud of as well as other hygiene and asthma & allergy relief treatments through our green and chemical-free deep cleaning and sanitation services

Why you need to clean your AC

We spend most of our time indoors in Dubai which is mostly humid, dusty and lacking proper fresh air ventilation. A proper and professional AC Cleaning will allow you to:

  1. Keep your living environment healthy
  2. Keep your living environment sanitized
  3. Reduce symptoms of major respiratory illnesses
  4. Reduce symptoms of morning fatigue

We recommend a full status check of your AC unit, ducts, filters and grills at least once per year. And guess what…? We do that completely free!

Health issues

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  • allergy-ac-cleaning-dubai.png
  • eczma-ac-cleaning-dubai.png
  • indoor-air-quality-ac-cleaning-dubai.png

Our hygiene experts will gladly conduct a free indoor air quality & AC system survey of your premises

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Our Cleaning & Sanitation Treatments

Our AC Duct Cleaning Treatments and Sanitization ensure an overhaul to your complete AC system (ask for our detailed scope of work) using the latest environmentally friendly solutions and equipment - Dirty and contaminated air at your living space could go from discomfort to trigger of respiratory health hazards. Get rid of mold, dust, rust and viruses that currently inhabit your living space be it home, office or nursery


We know AC Cleaning

Find out how dust, mold and bacteria spreads through your home and indoor space and the importance of maintaining a healthy safe living environment


AC Cleaning and indoor hygiene remains one of the most serious factors affecting the increase of health & respiratory issues in the UAE. Here is a selection of articles from thenational.ae

News Item 01

Tackling respiratory disorders – one of the major health concerns in the UAE

Figures show that more than one in 10 people in the UAE are affected by asthma, and summer is often the worst time of year for irritations or attacks

Posted: 15.06.2016
News Item 02

UAE pupils at risk from poor air-conditioning at schools, study shows

ABU DHABI // Inefficient and poorly maintained air-conditioning systems in schools is damaging the health of pupils and teachers, a study has revealed

Posted: 07.06.2016
News Item 03

Air conditioning should not be switched off, Dubai housing watchdog says

They came in on Thursday and shut off the cooling and we woke up to the sandstorm,” said Romaa’l Patel, whose husband is asthmatic. The couple went without cooling for three days

Posted: 20.04.2015

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